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Day by day

I’m praying for you


Every parent prays for a healthy child. When a critical illness, disability or injury occurs, it can shake a mother or father to the core of their being. And of their faith. So many questions arise. If God loves my child more than I do, how can this be happening? Does God, in His omnipotence, control every detail of my son’s cancer, my daughter’s Down syndrome?

It’s easy for some to dismiss these questions with well-meaning statements like “God is in control” or “Your child is God’s special creation.” But to connect every detail of a child’s illness with divine omnipotence is to forget a key characteristic of God’s nature. Truth be told, God is in the healing business. Whether He accomplishes that healing in this life or throughout the eternity lying beyond this life, His goal is the same. Jesus took every gouging bite of the whip into His flesh so that children everywhere could experience divine healing.

My wife, Jodie, and I pray every day for our son Connor to be healed of cerebral palsy. Ted and Robbin Cederblom are praying that their son Brian will be healed of autism. Colin and Kassidee Rose pray constantly over little Konnor’s blindness and physical challenges.

And, in the end, prayer is the greatest kindness any believer can offer to a family faced with the unending challenges of caring for a child’s critical health needs. “I’m praying for you.” Those four words are pure gold. Laid bare and free of every attempt to explain a child’s sickness or disability, they offer a simple promise of Christlike love.

Look around you. Find that family. Give the gift of prayer.

Scott Harrup

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