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Touched by God

Healed of lupus

I struggled with lupus, a disease that attacks internal organs and tissues as well as joints, for five years. Fatigue is a big part of the illness, so I learned to carefully plan every day. I would perform tasks in the morning, then rest in the afternoon to build up strength for evening chores.

Prior to my diagnosis, I had served as a lay pastor, helping many elderly folks by providing transportation to doctor appointments, grocery stores and other destinations. I also led a little church service each Sunday afternoon in an assisted living facility. I had to gradually give up this volunteer service as I became weaker than the people I was trying to help.

In 2002 I sold my home on the west coast of Florida and bought a townhouse on the east coast near my daughter’s home. Moving away from my pastor, church family and friends of 40 years was difficult. But Pastor Jerry Wade and the families at Bethel Assembly of God in Lake Worth welcomed me.

While taking a vacation in December 2003 to visit my old church, I attended the ladies prayer group. They gathered around and prayed for me, laying hands on me and anointing me with oil. It later occurred to me that I had never prayed for healing; I had just prayed for the strength to get through each day of pain and fatigue.

I felt better after their prayer, and when I drove home days later I did not have the usual fatigue that accompanied a long trip. I told my daughter about this, and we prayed together for my healing.

In January I went to my yearly physical examination and tests. I confided my experience with the doctor and he scheduled the necessary blood work to evaluate my lupus. The tests came back with a clear report: “no signs of lupus.” The medical staff was amazed and I was able to share my testimony.

I still am not sure why I was healed at this time and place, but I tell people to always pray for total healing and leave the amount of blessing received up to the Lord.

— Lee Chant, Lake Worth, Fla.

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