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My Turn

Faith of our Fathers

By Gene Roncone

I was doing research on organizational change and had taken on the challenge of reading through old minutes of the Northern California and Nevada District Council meetings. Reading through meeting minutes is about as exhilarating as memorizing the IRS users guide for the 1040 long form. Not exactly the kind of stuff you can expect to make you leap out of your chair with a shout of blessing.

At 10:39 that night the desk clerk politely informed me that they would be closing the library in just 20 minutes. As I hurriedly turned to page 38, the heading across the yellowed page, “Thursday morning, June 29, 1939,” caught my eye. As I read the entry, I was struck by an insight. There, in the midst of monotony was an ice cube in the desert. The desert of detail involved an old summer camp owned by the district and a committee that reported to the council. The ice cube was in the report.

“The campground committee chairman brought in a report and a recommendation from the committee relative to paying off the $5,400 mortgage, and the new cabin and rest room indebtedness which amounted to approximately $1,300 by each of our 400 ministers and 150 churches paying $15 each over a period of a year. Pledge slips were passed out and $945 was pledged and $56 was paid in cash making a total of $1001. All hearts were melted at the goodness of God, and it felt ‘all things are possible with God’ on our side. Sister Mary Savidge felt God would have her contribute $300 which she had just recently saved on an operation, as the Lord healed her.”

Did you see it? There was something deeply profound about what happened to Sister Mary Savidge on June 29, 1939, that grabbed my attention. I was reminded of the words of the Psalmist when he said in Psalm 22:4, “In you our fathers put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them” (NIV). I was reminded of the prolonged blessings of divine healing.

I found it interesting that healing somehow opened the spiritual eyes of this believer to see greater depths of faith and involvement. For our dear sister’s infirmity to warrant a $300 expense more than 65 years ago, it must have been of a serious nature. God’s healing touch upon her life not only restored health, but it opened her eyes to see a new and exciting opportunity for faith in the future. Divine healing has the power to reach beyond today’s opportunities and into tomorrow.

Divine healing impacts the whole of human experience. Many times we mistakenly think that God’s miraculous touch is confined to our physical bodies. But divine healing reaches far beyond the physical. Because of her healing, this woman saved money and was able to make a donation she would otherwise be unable to make. The healing brought spiritual blessing in that it helped to provide new camp facilities for future outreach, evangelism, altar calls and Spirit infilling. Her physical healing had an impact upon the practical realm as well. Time would fail to tell of the many who benefited from the simple but necessary “cabins and rest rooms.”

As one meditates upon the incredible potential of divine healing to open our eyes to greater depths of faith, to impact the whole of human experience and to yield a compounding return, we can say with Solomon of old, “May the Lord our God be with us as He was with our fathers” (1 Kings 8:57).

Gene Roncone is senior pastor of Aurora First Assembly in Aurora, Colo.

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