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Focus on America

It’s about hearts, not about laws

I have never been convinced that marches, petitions or boycotts accomplish much spiritually. They can be beneficial at times, but I’ve never seen them produce revival or get anyone saved. Too often the church is asking, or even demanding, that nonbelievers conform to biblical principles that believers are not practicing themselves.

For example, if people who say they are born again would stop supporting movies, TV shows, videos and other entertainment that advocate the breaking of the Ten Commandments, that would curtail more evil than all the boycotts and marches combined. Satan would rather the church sponsor a boycott than pray. He has no fear of petitions unless they are petitions of prayer. Let’s stop trying to reform the sinners to Christian principles and let’s concentrate on getting the church right with God.

Let’s face reality: God is greater than bad laws. God does not poll the sinners to determine what He will do. Politicians are not responsible for the wretched spiritual mess in North America; the church is responsible. And society will not get it right until the church gets it right. Please read 2 Chronicles 7:14.

I am greatly disturbed that many Christians’ lifestyles vary little from the lifestyles of nonbelievers. In my private conversations with a number of Christians, it soon becomes evident that we are more motivated by money than we are by morals. Various surveys have shown that the conduct of Christians in the marketplace is almost identical to nonbelievers’. Where is the evidence of the transforming power of Christ in our lives? Why would anyone want what we have if they see no difference in us?

Perhaps we need to organize a march that would emphasize righteousness within the church. Why not organize a boycott against gossip, immorality and cheating within the church? Perhaps we need a petition that says we are going to live right and reach the lost rather than try to get sinners to live according to our rules.

God wants to send a massive revival to America. He is not waiting for political changes or permission from the courts. He is waiting for the cry of repentance and intercession from His church — and that is you and me.

Charles E. Hackett

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