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Five ways to share your faith at Christmas

Believers share a special camaraderie at Christmastime, but the season is also full of opportunities to build bridges outside our circle of Christian friends. Though we lament its commercialization, this holiday provides easy ways to share our faith. Here are five.

1. Sing carols.
This is a time when even unbelievers will sing, or at least hear, songs of spiritual truth. Traditional Christmas carols become part of people’s lives regardless of their spiritual state. It’s hard to imagine an unbeliever willingly listening to or singing the words of powerful hymns or choruses. But think how powerful these words are: “Joy to the world, the Lord has come. Let earth receive her King.” Carols are filled with biblical truth.

2. Read the Christmas story.
In many family gatherings, believers and those not serving the Lord mingle. This is a powerful opportunity for faith-sharing on a casual basis. Reading the Christmas story from Matthew 1, 2 and Luke 2 is a nonthreatening way of doing this.

3. Attend a pageant or living nativity.
Nearly every community has access to excellent productions. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at who will agree to go with you to one of these. It is much less threatening than a typical church service.

4. Give something to someone who can’t repay you.
Exchanging gifts is what we do mostly. True giving to a needy family or child will be blessed doubly when you give in the name of Jesus, expecting nothing in return.

5. Slow down and touch a life.
While people are rushing about, there are those who will be blessed if you take time with them. Determine that you will not be jaded by the holiday festivities. Instead, look for a way to touch people, listen to them, care about them … and show them the true meaning of the season.

Christians often take for granted the abundant opportunities available to us each December to share our faith. Let’s make the season count by not getting so caught up in the holiday swirl that we miss those opportunities.

In this issue our staff open their hearts and share with you some of their most memorable Christmas moments.

— Ken Horn

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