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Vantage point

Two sure ways to grow your church

It has been my great privilege over the last six years to observe thriving A/G ministries up close around the world. Little by little, as I wrote stories and cataloged notes, I saw patterns begin to emerge. I began to see that there were certain things that were almost always present in any successful church or ministry.

Let me share just two of my findings.

It is hardly a news flash that prayer is one of the traits successful ministries hold in common. But it is a certain kind of prayer that marks revival churches. Successful churches always have vibrant prayer programs.

Yes, I said “programs.” I know, somehow that doesn’t seem spiritual enough. Nevertheless, great churches do not leave prayer to chance. I saw the power plant of a church of 60,000 people — a little room in which 12 or 15 people can kneel together. The room is never empty. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there are people praying together in that room. A person in charge keeps schedules to make sure the room is never empty.

But there is something else interesting here — the object of their prayer. This is not a general prayer meeting by any means. They pray only for their pastors!

And the church has exploded. Think of it — at any time of day or night, whatever challenge a pastor might be facing, he or she knows a group of people is in that basement room, fervently interceding in their behalf.

I admit that this is the only place where I have seen 24-hour prayer for pastors. But I have seen repeatedly that pastors of great churches have above-average support from their congregations. I believe a church can be transformed by this principle.

So, two sure-fire church growth methods:

1. Have an active prayer program. Don’t leave prayer to chance. Make sure your church is bathed in prayer.

2. Pay special attention to your pastors. They are carrying the majority of your church’s spiritual burden; they need consistent support.

In short, pray for and love your pastors. Your church can only grow as a result.

— Ken Horn

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