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Money isn’t everything, but it is something

SPRINGFIELD, MO. — Growing up in the home of a hardworking widow, I viewed money as a necessary evil. I saw how the lack of it straddled my family and how the pursuit of it destroyed others. But, in time, I discovered how money offers an opportunity for us to exercise faith and demonstrate commitment to Christ. Money can accomplish much good. Mishandled, it can do much harm. That’s why this special edition of Today’s Pentecostal Evangel was published — to equip you with principles based on God’s Word that will help you in your financial decisions.

God cares about your bank account, mortgage, car payment and investments. He also cares how you spend your money and how much you give away. Is He interested because He needs your money? No. He’s concerned about the priorities of your heart and your reliance on Him.

What are God’s financial priorities for your life? He wants you to enjoy giving money away as much as you do spending it. He wants you to live as though every dollar is precious. He wants you to find opportunities to further His kingdom through the resources He’s placed in your care. And He wants you to pray for wisdom and seek the kind of knowledge found in these pages.

Personally, I’ve learned a great deal about faith and God’s provision over the last two years. A group of us have prayed every day for $6 million to purchase a distribution center for Convoy of Hope that would result in feeding millions around the world and leading countless thousands to Christ. During this time we’ve held onto four truths that will be helpful to you if you are facing a financial challenge:

  • God has the resources to meet your need.
  • God knows your need but He still wants to hear you ask for His help.
  • God wants you to persevere in faith and not give in to prolonged doubt or fear.
  • God already sees your solution, but He also knows the right time to meet your need.

Take comfort today in knowing God is more familiar with your finances than your accountant, and He has more resources at His disposal than a million bankers. (See John 15:7.)

— Hal Donaldson

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