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Focus on America

Big dreams

Most great success stories have very small beginnings. Moses stopped to watch a bush burn and went from a lowly shepherd to a five-star general. Joseph said no to sexual temptation and became vice president of Egypt. Daniel prayed three times daily and had supernatural protection from lions. David Wilkerson showed up in a New York City courtroom with a Bible and a concern for drug addicts and out of that has come the worldwide ministry of Teen Challenge.

Much is being said today about big dreams, big plans and going for the gold. This has its place, but often failure can be traced to a lack of diligence in the everyday routine responsibilities that God has committed to us. We often fail because we are waiting for the “big one,” or the equivalent of winning the spiritual lottery. I firmly believe that most great accomplishments for God have a very lowly beginning that is marked by faithfulness. There is no shortcut or quick fix in building a successful and productive life in Jesus Christ. Jesus said in Luke 16:10, “He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much” (NKJV). Great spiritual success has its roots in small beginnings.

Four basic foundational blocks are essential to spiritual success. 1. Talk to Jesus every day in prayer. 2. Let Him speak to you. He primarily does that through His Word. I need to hear from Him daily. 3. Be a part of a spiritual fellowship. Church attendance is necessary for a healthy, balanced life. 4. Be involved in ministry. God has no benchwarmers or substitutes. Everyone is a first-round draft pick and serving is not an option. Idle Christians become critical and impossible to please. Doing the basics is possible for every Christian no matter what state of life we are in.

When Columbus explored the New World in 1492, who could have envisioned that the United States would become the world’s most powerful nation? When Henry Ford built his first auto, no one could have imagined the revolution this would bring. My friend, your obedience to God will produce a great harvest, even if no one notices but Jesus.

— Charles Hackett

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