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Saying no to the Spirit


PLEASANTON, CALIF. — Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself, Why do I feel so spiritually empty and hollow inside? And why does my life seem to lack power, vitality and joy?

If you’ve asked these questions, you’re not alone. Today many of us believers recognize our need for a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit. But too often our actions and attitudes hinder the work of the Spirit in our lives. In other words, we often say no to the Spirit in four ways:

1. Contentment. We say no to the Spirit by choosing to coast through life satisfied with only a morsel of God’s blessing and power. We become comfortable in our religious trappings, and a desire for more of Jesus is replaced by a craving for the status quo.

2. Obstructions. We say no to the Spirit by allowing sin to reside in our hearts. The debris of pride, cynicism, gossip, greed and more obstructs a fresh move of the Spirit in our lives.

3. Self-centeredness. We say no to the Spirit by becoming preoccupied with ourselves. In our quest for pleasure and self-gratification, we become oblivious to the people around us who are racing toward hell.

4. Talk. We say no to the Spirit by uttering insincere words. We say we want personal revival, but subsequently we’re unwilling to take the steps necessary to draw closer to Christ.

Do you want to say yes to the Spirit today? Then, wherever you are right now — perhaps even sitting in church or relaxing in a recliner at home — make this your prayer: “God, give me a desire for more of You. Forgive my sins and help me overcome temptation. Place in my heart a deeper concern for others. And help me pray more for personal revival and talk less about it. I invite You, dear Lord, to fill the cold, empty places of my heart with the warmth of Your presence. More than anything, I want to walk in the power of Your Spirit.”

— Hal Donaldson

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