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Focus on America

We need a great awakening

Following the tragedy of 9/11, and now its first anniversary, much has been written about the spiritual impact of the terrorist attacks on our nation. There are three facts that stand out to me:

Patriotism is not the same as repentance. I have never seen a greater display of patriotism as in the past year — flag-waving, the singing of the national anthem and the overall pride of being an American have been very much in evidence. This certainly has its value, but patriotism does not change the spiritual level of a nation. Only repentance can do that, and repentance must begin with the church, not in the halls of Congress. We have much sin in the public arena, not because of bad laws but due to the lack of repentance by the church.

Jesus is still humanity’s only way to God. It is politically incorrect in today’s society to say that, but Jesus said it and no one has the authority to change that message. The church must not compromise on this important truth no matter how severe the criticisms and backlash become, even if it leads to persecution. Our calling is to proclaim the Word, not bow to political correctness.

America will not survive as a nation unless there is a spiritual awakening. The reports and surveys concerning the spiritual level of this nation all indicate that we are continuing to sink in a mire of corruption, immorality and dishonesty. We are the strongest nation in the world, but so were Egypt and the Roman Empire during different eras in history and today one does not exist and the other has no impact on the world scene. We seem to think that we will be an exception. Contrary to most public school textbooks, this nation was founded upon godly principles. Our departure from these principles is already taking its toll and will eventually destroy this nation. The spiritual level of America is in the hands of the church, not the government. When the church takes the responsibility and truly repents, this nation will see a spiritual turnaround no matter what political party is in power.

— Charles E. Hackett

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