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God at work

By Sharon Ellard

Have you ever seen signs for MEN AT WORK? Usually, they mean watch out for the guys working up ahead. I’m here to tell you that God is at work too. He’s at work to help you! You won’t see road signs about God’s work, but you can read about His work in the Bible. God really wants you to know He’s at work. In Psalm 78 God says to tell the children stories of His mighty work. Why? So kids like you will learn to trust and obey God. So when you hear Bible stories, watch for God at work.


THERE WAS A PROBLEM. David’s country was at war. One of the enemy soldiers was a guy named Goliath. He was BIG! (Think Shaq’s big brother.) He was strong! (Think Hercules on steroids.) He had BIG weapons. All the soldiers in David’s country were afraid of Goliath, so no one would fight Goliath. Every day Goliath made fun of the soldiers and of God too.

GOD WENT TO WORK. David was too young to fight in the army, but one day his dad sent him to check on his big brothers. That’s when David heard Goliath yelling at God’s army and at God too. Right away, David volunteered to fight Goliath. David was not big. David did not have big weapons. He did not have big muscles, but God had been at work in David’s life. God had helped David keep his father’s sheep safe from a lion and a bear. David trusted God to help with Goliath too. When David walked toward Goliath, the giant just laughed. But not for long. Around went David’s sling. Out flew a smooth rock. Down fell the giant. David might have been small, but his big God was at work.

What it means to you: No problem is too big for God. Ask Him for help. If you trust God, He will solve even really big problems.

Read it in your Bible: 1 Samuel 17

THERE WAS A PROBLEM. Ruth had just moved to a new country. She had no food. She had no money. She had no job. She had no credit card. But Ruth wasn’t all alone. Ruth lived with Naomi, her mother-in-law. In fact, Ruth had moved to this new country because she wanted to help Naomi. Now they were both hungry.

GOD WENT TO WORK. Early one day Ruth saw farmers picking crops. Ruth said, "I’ll follow them and pick up the leftover grain. We’ll use that to make bread."

All day long, Ruth worked hard. Boaz the farmer saw Ruth working. He learned that she was picking up food to help Naomi. So Boaz told his workers to leave more grain near Ruth. At the end of the day, Ruth carried home lots of grain to eat. That was just the beginning. Later, Ruth and Boaz married. Then Ruth had food, money and a family. God was at work to help her.

What it means to you: Sometimes God works while we help each other. So help others when you can. Then watch for how God will work to help you too.

Read it in your Bible: Ruth 1-4

THERE WAS A PROBLEM. Joseph had 11 brothers who didn’t like him much. Why? First, because their dad gave Joseph better presents. Also, Joseph told his brothers that one day they would bow to him. The very idea really made his brothers mad. So one day, when their father wasn’t around, the brothers sold Joseph as a slave. (You could do that in Bible times.)

GOD WENT TO WORK. Years and years passed. Joseph worked hard. He always did his best – even when he spent some time in prison. Joseph’s life was hard, but he always trusted God. One night the king had some scary dreams. God helped Joseph tell the king what the dreams meant. The king was grateful and made Joseph a very important man in his country.

One day Joseph’s brothers came to Joseph’s house to buy food. They didn’t recognize Joseph, but he knew them. What do you think Joseph did? He forgave his brothers and brought their families to live near him. Joseph understood that God had used his brothers’ bad plan to put Joseph where he could help his whole family.

What it means to you: If you ever have a really hard time, you can trust God, just like Joseph did. You can do your best, and ask God to do the rest. God has good plans for you.

Read it in your Bible: Genesis 37, 39, and 41 through 45

In Sunday school, you will learn many stories of GOD AT WORK.

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