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A daily blessing

For many years, I have started my day with a systematic reading of the Word of God so that I read it in its entirety every year. What great dividends this habit has brought into my life. This is so ingrained into my schedule that no matter where I am, God’s Word is the first item on my agenda for the day. This discipline is not bondage or a heavy weight, but something I enjoy and look forward to.

I am continually amazed at how the preselected Scriptures prepare me for the events of the upcoming day. I am reminded by this simple fact that God knows who I am and is concerned enough about me to give daily instructions. At times, the Holy Spirit uses very obscure verses to speak directly to my heart, which is an added blessing. Since all Scripture is inspired, I read every verse including the genealogies and the laws in Leviticus. If they are important enough to be included by the Holy Spirit, then they are important enough for me to read. I need the whole counsel of God through His Word, not just selected verses.

A daily reading of the Bible also provides up-to-the-minute correction, whether it applies to my social life or my conduct in the marketplace. A minor correction is always better than a major discipline. Again, I am amazed at how God speaks to my heart in such a gentle, yet corrective way. I believe it is impossible to fall into error if we are prayerfully reading the Bible every day. Enlightenment and discernment always flow from the Word.

The greatest blessing of daily Bible reading comes by way of inspiration and encouragement – and I need both in large helpings. Very often, great joy will fill my heart as I hear what God is saying to me. This dispels fear and uncertainty and gives me peace even if I am in the midst of turmoil. I have learned that the peace of God that passes all understanding usually comes through His Word, not through circumstance or other people. I encourage you to try it.

— Charles E. Hackett

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