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Focus on America

No one is unreachable

The most cataclysmic event of my lifetime happened on September 11 and the shock waves are still being felt. Some have predicted that our way of life has been changed forever and we will never know normalcy again. Many of the social and economic standards of the past will be no more … so say the experts.

While these factors are of great concern to followers of Jesus Christ, they must not be our major focus. We are in the soul-winning business, and the opportunities to reach the lost have never been greater. Granted, much of our nation’s interest in God is based on fear, but our task is to take advantage of the opportunity, not to analyze the cause. We will leave the analysis to others and use our energy in fulfilling the Great Commission.

We have this worldwide backdrop of hatred, violence and murder, and against this backdrop, we can demonstrate the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ that leads to redemption. Unfortunately, the church has assumed that there are some people groups that are not reachable; this is often said of Muslims. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus said if we would lift Him up, He would draw all men unto himself. No class of people is exempt. Our responsibility is to do the lifting; Jesus will do the drawing.

This issue of the Pentecostal Evangel provides information, reports and testimonies that will enable you to reach out to Muslims in your community. The love of God and the truth of His Word set Christianity apart from all other beliefs. We have not been commissioned to debate or defend our faith, but to demonstrate the love of Jesus that is available to every human being. No one will be changed through our anger or critical words, but people from all backgrounds are touched when they see the love of Jesus flowing through us, even as we speak the truth that Jesus is man’s only hope. This is not a time for compromise or political correctness. This is the time to boldly and lovingly proclaim Jesus as the only way to God and this truth will bring forth fruit as well as persecution. Regardless of the consequences, let’s be faithful.

— Charles E. Hackett

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