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Vantage point

It’s not the economy

The U.S. economy was already in a tailspin, according to the pundits, when terrorists attacked on 9/11. Since then, reportedly, unemployment has soared and spending has shriveled. Many merchandisers faced record lows for the normally bullish Christmas season.

In South America, Argentina faced financial woes of its own, precipitating riots, resignations and a new currency, all without immediate apparent benefit. When I was in Buenos Aires a few months ago to report on the move of God there, a restless discontent with the economic situation was already smoldering, despite the apparent bounty in many quarters.

Despite the desperate cries of a failing economy in the United States, there is abundance wherever one looks.

What it comes down to is this. What matters most to people is not how their country’s economy is doing, but how they are doing financially. If unemployment is high and you have a good job, all seems right with the world. But if you’re going through a financial challenge, it doesn’t matter much if your nation’s economy is great.

What is important to you is also important to God. Your personal handling of blessings and challenges is part and parcel of a faithful Christian walk. What you do with material resources demonstrates obedience and sets the tone for your level of discipleship.

A true disciple, a follower of Christ, knows that certain things, such as the first tenth of one’s income, belong to God — and there is no option to withhold them. (It’s robbing God, according to Malachi 3:8.) In the pages that follow, you will find just a few of the manifold testimonies of those who honored God by giving when they had little, and how God came through for them.

Giving can be one of life’s greatest blessings. To trust God when giving requires sacrifice is even more important.

Too often we associate this truth with slick televangelists who misuse and besmirch God’s giving plan, applying it only to their ministries. But they cannot commandeer God’s truth – or make it untrue. Giving to the Lord — through donations to faithful ministries that disciple Christians and reach the lost and needy – is God’s way.

When it comes to one’s finances, it’s not the economy but obedience that matters.

— Ken Horn

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