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Readers answer our question

How did God bless you when you continued tithing and giving during a tough financial time?

When I was called to serve my country during the Korean conflict, I lost more than two-thirds of my income. I still had a house and car payment and needed to provide for my wife. The devil quickly took advantage of the situation, telling me, "If you dropped your tithe, you would have more money available." But God honored my faithfulness. I was able to meet all responsibilities although things were tight. Once, when we had absolutely no food and payday was a week and a half away, I received in the mail a $15 money order from a city in Michigan where I knew no one. To this day I do not know who sent it. God also enabled me to purchase a trailer so my wife could be with me. On two occasions our car quit and we were facing costly repairs with no money. We prayed and the problem cleared up. We drove the car for a few more years with no recurrence of either problem. God is so good.
Edgar F. Allen
Mishawaka, Ind.

In the early ’70s, when the stock market and the aerospace industry crashed in Southern California, I was out of work with a wife and four boys (13-16) to feed. I was only drawing unemployment and faced the question as to whether or not we should tithe on the money. We decided to continue tithing.

During the year I was out of work there was always money to buy the gas, pay bills and put food on the table. The boys were in their early teens, but that year their shoes never wore out – that was a miracle, as they were very active. They did not grow that year so they did not need new clothes. After a year, God provided a job in the Midwest and we have been here ever since. We feel that God honored our commitment in tough financial times.
Edwin B. Seidman
Deerfield, Ill.

I was separated from my husband in 1994 and had custody of our two young children. I was receiving state assistance and trying to get a job. I had an unreliable vehicle – so when I got a job, I would lose it because my car caused me to come in late or not at all. My income and resources were limited. But I was faithful in paying my tithes.

One Sunday night at church the pastor was talking about planting seeds. It was toward the end of the month and all I had was change on the bottom of my purse (and that was to buy milk or bread if needed). I reached into my purse and grabbed all the change and threw it in the offering plate and asked the Lord to move on behalf of my circumstances. I didn’t expect much – just that He would help me makes ends meet with what I had.

The following Saturday members of my church called and offered me a car that looked and ran great. They agreed to sell it to me for whatever I could get for my vehicle. Within a month, I was offered a job. I have been promoted several times, have a nice car, a home and, best of all, the Lord has restored my marriage.

I stood on my Lord’s promises in Malachi 3:10 and Luke 6:38, and He was faithful to His Word.
Christi Samuelson
Perris, Calif.

In 1994, a flood destroyed our home, car and all our belongings. Since we had lived here 29 years and water had never come up into our yard, we had canceled our flood insurance. I was working at the time, and it never occurred to me to stop tithing. As soon as we could get back into the subdivision, volunteers from our church and several other churches descended on this neighborhood and began the clean-up process. My ailing husband wanted to have the house rebuilt; we were able to get a small grant through FEMA and a mortgage at 3 percent from the Small Business Association. A cousin gave us a wonderful old restored car. There were too many blessings to write in this short space.
Dalphna Boatright Barnes
Humble, Texas

My wife and I learned how to tithe and also to give love offerings while we lived in the projects of Cleveland, Ohio. We were also on welfare at the time. Later, after God restored our finances, we moved to the suburbs. However, two years later we were hit again with great financial hardship when I suffered a job injury and was put on administrative leave without pay indefinitely.

Although it looked like we were about to lose our home and new car, we continued to ascribe power and might to the Lord. In the midst of our tragedy, God led me to start a free Christian publication. Although we had no money, within three months the publication was being distributed. God has more than restored us. It’s impossible to out-give God.
Jon Hanna, editor
Connection magazine

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